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This site was created on Friday 29th March 2001. It was made because a few years ago, an old site, called "The Bart Simpson Fanclub" was shut down and the owner deleted his e-mail account. So ever since then people have been e-mailing me asking to re-launch it, so I have! I was originally hosted on Tripod UK as the site "Bartfans", but I thought the name was unoriginal so I changed it to "Bart: The one and Only" as it is now. Since opening, the site has already gone through one redesign, as the old design was unoriginal, had bad colours and style and looked bad in some browsers. I kept this design for a week on the site's opening, but quickly found and made a brand new design- the one you see now. (It was made in 2 days!)

site/about/ver 1 

Soon after, we had another design change! I thought this was better with a more professional look. Click to see it full-size.

site/about/ver 2

About 4 weeks after this design was up, I received some bad news- the site could no longer be hosted on the network, due to Smoovenet (Host)'s strict new hosting policies. The site had to move somewhere, or be shut down. I didn't want to shut it down, but luckily the guys at Just D'oh It! did hosting, and Mako (JDI Webmaster) agreed to host the site if I did a design change. So Voila! A new design! Using PHP instead of SHTML, the site was easier to navigate. It also now has a much better look, click below to see the screenshot!

site/about/Version 3

I thought there were a few things wrong with the design, the colours being too bright and a few other site problems. So yet again, I changed the design, this time lighter shades of blue and yellow and easier on the eyes. Below is the screenshot and click for a bigger view:
site/about/Version 4

However, after a while I felt this design was too bright, so I changed to a more darker theme.

site/about/VErsion 6

I kept this for about 2 months, but gradually got tired of it because it was too big and far too dark! On the 6th of februrary, a little before the site's third birthday, I launched this design. Similar to the old one but bigger, with better pics.
site/about/Version 7
Then I bagan work on a bigger and brighter design - a complete change to previous designs! This one is more eye friendly and more how a character site should be. It's the one you're seeing now! Click below:

site/about/Version 8

After problems with the new design working in some browsers, I made a new temporary design...this stayed on for a long time because I took a long break from working on the website!

site/about/New site

So in november 2008, the new site was launched!

site/about/Version 9

If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, rants or anything else, e-mail me!


Site managed by Graham Ditte and I couldn't have finished it without Matt Dowding's help!! Cheers bro!

Email: bartsimpsonweb {at}, I also have MSN if you wanna chat, so just ask =D
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