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Bart Simpson!
Fan Art

Like to draw Bart? Want to show your talent online? Then why not put your art on this site! This page shows the fantastic artitstic talents that Simpsons fans have. Or, if you prefer writing stuff, send me a fan script or episode idea and I'll put it up here! If you want to put your Bart art or script on this site, just scan it, draw on the PC or take a photo, and e-mail it to me, graz@(removethisbit!)ayecarumba dot net. All art is greatly appriciated and you'll be fully credited. Thanks! Also, if you have a request of a Bart pic, I'll try and draw it so let me know!

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Fan art by Sarah Gardner: Bart vs Timon

Amazing how cool Timon and Bart are, and I really love the way you've paired 'em! The Simpsonized Timon and Timon-Bart are really well done (in fact all 4 of 'em are!) Sorry I took so long putting this up and thanks again!!

Fan Art by Tyler Henry: Baby Bart

We know what a terror he was when a baby, but he was cute all the same! Great pic, Tyler!

Fan art by Chris: 300lbs Bart!

Fan Art by Joe Lewis

Fan art by Leon Vuong

Fan art by Tara

Fan Art by Charles, WOS Comics artist!

Fan art by Graham (me!)

My Bart and Lisa fan art: I've drawn Bart and Lisa for a while in my own style, hope you enjoy =)

Bart and Homer at the beach TV boy I'm Bart Simpson Just a little further... Who needs a comb? Can I have a pony? Bart and MaggieBeware evildoers of Bartman The elves, the elves! Brother and Sister Twosome

For more of my art or to leave comments goto my DeviantART page!

Fan scripts (only ideas at this point- stay tuned!) by me:

"Salad Daze"
Superintendent Chalmers is blaming Skinner for Springfield Elementary being voted the worst school in the state, and if things don't improve Skinner will be fired. He enlists Lisa's help on why students are underperforming so badly, and Lisa suggests school meals are the problem. So Skinner orders nothing but salad served in the cafeteria, much to Lisa's delight - and Bart's disgust. Despite Bart's efforts to get the old meals back, salad looks set to stay. He almost gives in - until it is revealed that the students are now overperforming, and Chalmers tells Skinner he won't be needed anymore. Skinner asks Bart to try and get the students on the unhealthy stuff again.

"Neighbors from Heaven"
On a barbecue at the Flanders', Ned is shocked to see Homer strangling Bart. He offers Bart to stay till he feels better, and soon Bart gets on better with Ned than Homer, much to Homer's disgust. Even Lisa starts visiting the Flanders'. Marge suggests Homer and Bart go on an outing together, but it turns out the Flanders' have gone too. Homer tries to avoid Flanders' as much as he can, but it proves extremely difficult - until Bart, Rod and Todd get trapped down a cliff. Homer and Ned have to work together to save the boys. Back home, Marge is extremely pleased Homer did what he did - to Homer's annoyance.

"Trouble at the Plant"
Burns realises that the rising cost of donuts and decreasing productivity of workers is costing him a fortune, so he asks Smithers for ideas. Smithers suggests that most plants are automated, but before undertaking any research they go ahead with the idea and fire everyone. Homer tries to look for work as beer supplies are running low but is unsucessful - until Armin Amadopolis offers them a job at the Shelbyville nuclear plant. Pay, work conditions and donut quality are much better and Homer and co love it. Meanwhile, Burns is having severe problems with his plant, which causes blackouts an failures and his reputation plummets. Devious tactics are needed to get the old workers back- but how?


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