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Bart Simpson!

The Bart File

All you ever needed to know about Bartholomew J Simpson, and much more, in the Bart File of Bart the One and Only! Click a link below.

Bart Bio
A ton of true info and facts about Bart and his life you may not have known, all picked up from the show!

Bart through the ages
Bart may not seem to be getting any older in the show but his looks are always changing. View the differences between seasons in this page!

If you haven't heard of 'Do The Bartman' then why are you even here?! Bart enjoys rap and music and has sung many songs in and out of the show. Go to this page to see the lyrics

Whether a fake apology, an insult to Homer or a wise crack, Bart's made a lot of memorable quotes in the show. If the random quotes on every page aren't enough, go here to see hundreds more!

Bart's no girl, man, but his voice is! Nancy Cartwright does a great job voicing Bart, no one else could sound like him! Look here for info about Nancy and who else she gives her voice to!


Chalkboard View all the hilarious lines written by Bart at the start of most episodes throughout the seasons.

Prank Calls
Hello, Moe's Tavern...! It doesn't happen often now, but remember all the times Bart has embarrassed Moe in front of all the bar customers!

Bart's best friends listed here- not his fans!

Just who does Bart hate? And who hates Bart...? You can probably guess but have a look anyway!

"Aye Carumba!", "Don't Have A Cow!", "Get Bent!" - Find out when Bart says his 3 famous catchphrases!

D'oh Count
Sure, Homer says it a lot so what's stopping Bart copying him? Runs in the family, man!

Strangle Count
Why you LITTLE! Bart's known for irritating many people, especially Homer, but soon regrets it when he goes too far...

War of The Simpsons!
Wiki Simpsons

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