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Season 16: Good and bad

Here are my opinions on things to do with Bart and the Simpsons in general.

Favourite episode:
Despite some very close competition from other episodes in the show, I think this episode conquers them as the best episode ever! The plot is extremely strong throughout, building up the tension all the way. Sideshow Bob plotting revenge against Bart by "writing" those notes was a great start, including Homer's one he wrote. Bart imagining the whole town being after him (Especially Flanders with his hedge trimmers!) was really hilarious. Sideshow Bob turning up to threaten Bart at every turn was good too - and the Simpsons changing their name and moving out was a good idea that paid off really well. "Hello, Mr. Thompson…" heh! The cactus bit was wacky but fun - the same goes with the band and elephants trampling over Bob "Surely there's no harm in laying in the middle of a public street!"
The alternative opening was good, and the infamous rake scene - you either love it or hate it. I loved it, all the way through! (ThWhack! *Shudder!* ThWhack! *Shudder!* ThWhack!) etc. Homer scaring Bart to death by offering some cake and to see a hockey mask and chainsaw was fun. The climax of the episode, involving Bob trapping Bart and chasing him around the boat provided lots of suspense and drama. Bob singing the HMS Pinafore numbers was a nice touch with plenty of satire. Chief Wiggum has shown up at the end - and with some great lines (Bake 'em away toys!...just do what the kid says). Absolutely hilarious. The only thing slightly off about the episode came at the end with Grampa turning into the woman, which I didn't like too much but it in no way ruined the episode at all. This is the Simpsons at its best. You don't get better than this- even for any other show on TV. Pure brilliance - A++

Bart Simpson comics have been running for over 4 years. Being a spinoff from the main Simpsons comics, they primarily focus on Bart and sometimes the other kids from Springfield. They either consist of 1 full comic story, or around 4 or 5 short comics. Like the normal Simpsons comics they are also found in compilations - "The Big book of Bart Simpson" and "The Big Bratty Book of Bart Simpson"! The storylines are always fresh and original, the stories are packed with hilarious gags and the artwork almost always surpasses the art of the normal Simpsons comics. Not only this but there are often some great parodies (Indiana Jones and Tarzan to name a few). And although they're more aimed at kids than the main comics, the stories definitely don't reflect this. So far, I haven't disliked any story in the comic and can easily read them repeatedly. They are released bimonthly (Every 2 months) and I feel this gives the artists and writers more time to work on the comics - this is why I feel the main Simpsons comics are a little rushed, because they're produced every month.

Who is Bart Simpson?

If you don't know Bart Simpson, then where have you been all your life, man? Read on! Even if you do know, this might still be interesting.
Bart is a spiky haired ten year old boy, the oldest kid in the yellow-skinned, big eyed Simpson family. The Simpsons live in Springfield, USA (Yes, there are several Springfields in the US but it probably isn't any of them, so put down that atlas!). He has two sisters, smart Lisa, 8 years old and baby Maggie, just one year old. His parents are Marge - a typical mother, always fussing over him, and bumbling dad Homer who he doesn't get on great with all the time, but he does sometimes. His best friends are Milhouse van Houten and pet dog Santa's Little Helper. Springfield is home to the Nuclear Power Plant, with megalomaniac boss Charles Montgomery Burns (Mr. Burns - or "Burnsie"). Springfield is also home to Bart's idol, Krusty the Klown who hosts his popular entertainment show, and hosts the ever-gory Itchy and Scratchy cartoons, which both Bart and Lisa love to see. Bart loves skateboarding, mooning people, causing mayhem and generally being the bad boy of Springfield.
Bart isn't an average ten year old by any means at all. He has gone through many adventures in his lifetime, and Bart has got into several near death situations, including deadly confrontations with evil psychopath Sideshow Bob, who Bart has managed to foil, so far, over and over again. He's also been hurt by Mr Burns' car, eat a jagged metal Krusty-O and helped teachers Principal Skinner and Mrs Krabappel get together. For more general info on Bart, visit the Bio.

Bart became ever popular throughout the early seasons of the Simpsons, setting pranks, causing mayhem at school and home and making fun of everything and anything he could. This is when "Bartmania" started, and merchandising and popularity of the show skyrocketed. Fan numbers grew and enjoyed watching the Simpsons' early adventures, fronted by Bart.
As the show went on, Bart slowly took a back seat to dad Homer's antics, but Bart still had his fair share of episodes - including framing Sideshow Bob again, rescuing Springfield's lemon tree and saving the family's two dozen and one greyhound puppies. Many Simpsons fans thought the show started to decline in quality after this though, as Homer, who seemed to take a turn for the worse and became quite mean and obnoxious- took over most episodes and Bart often became a fairly uninteresting "sidekick" to Homer's adventures. Soon after though, things seemed to finally start getting better, and the current day Bart now is much more back to his old self again.

Who knows what future lies in store for Bart and the rest of the Simpson family? It currently looks bright, as there will be quite a few new seasons to go - and maybe more. We all hope to see many more adventures with the family - and know that the Simpsons and especially Bart has provided us with great laughs and TV viewing for years.

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