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Bart through the Seasons
View images of Bart through each season as his looks change along the way.

The Tracey Ullman Era

Season 1

Season 2
This was the start of the Simpsons and Bart as we know him today! Bart looked a lot different back in the 80s. Season 1: Bart had more than 9 spikes of hair and the spikes were really long. His head was not evenly shaped. His eyes and overbite are really small. He's also more fat than today and has very short arms and legs. Season 2 he wasn't much different, but had 9 spikes of hair, a smaller nose and bigger eyes. By Season 3, Bart has changed a lot. His head is much more evenly shaped, and has bigger eyes, a smaller nose and a less pronounced overbite. He's also a little thinner than before.

Season 3
Season One
Bart is almost a completely different character from last year. His eyes are now much bigger, his hair spikes more even, the top of his head a little bigger and his nose smaller. Towards the end of the season he was looking better than ever and had more facial expressions than in the Ullman era.
Season Two
For the first time, the round stickers and the lines along the bottom of Bart's shoes are now white. Bart's legs and arms are longer than before. Bart's neck has become thinner and the "flare" shape of the top of Bart's head is now showing.
Season Three
Bart looks similar to Season 2 but is looking better. The animation is now smoother and better coloured throughout and Bart looks better proportioned than before.
Season Four
In the first half, Bart looks like Season three, but in the second half, he looks more like he will in season five. In most of this season Bart is drawn well and looks more like he will in Season Six.
Season Five
Mainly in the first half of Season Five, Bart looks different in this season than most other seasons. His looks seemed to vary a lot from other scenes but his eyes were bigger, and his eyeballs were also too big. Two episodes in which this was noticeable was "$pringfield" and "Homer Goes to College". Mainly in the second half he was much better drawn.
Season Six
Bart's looking better than ever. His head is now the right size and shape, his overbite a good size, his arms and legs the right length.
Season Seven
Very similar to season six. Bart has yet more expressions and looks great in most episodes, especially the ones centered around him like Marge Be Not Proud (left).
Season Eight
More mixed than before. In some episodes, Bart's head is a weird shape and is taller and thinner than normal. Bart also seems more rounded in these episodes. In most episodes, however, Bart looks more like season seven.
Season Nine
Bart's now back to normal in all episodes. In some episodes, towards the end of the season, Bart's skin and clothes colours are brighter and more yellow-orange than usual. Bart has a slightly new style to him, which carries on into the next season.
Season Ten
This is the first season in which Bart looks more like he does now in most episodes. His head and eyes are the right size, as is his mouth, arms and legs. He's not too fat and the right height.
Season Eleven

"Odd" animation

The first season in which there are two distinct types of animation. In the first (top), Bart looks more off model than before. His head is taller, his nose too big and his hair is too straight or weirdly shaped. His neck is often too thin or too wide and he tends to be lighter in colour than Homer. The second type is also different than season nine but far better imo. Bart's head is wider and the 'flare' on his head is drawn properly. His head's also a little smaller, and feet and hands are a little bigger. He's also the same colour as other Simpsons.

"Even" animation

Season Twelve

"Odd" animation
The 'odd' animation is still present but has improved a little. Bart's nose is better, his overbite is a more realistic size, and his feet are bigger. He's also the same colour as the other Simpsons. His head is still a bit tall though, his hair is too spiky and he still seems too rounded. The 'even' style of animation has changed for the better too. Bart's eyes are less rounded and are wider than before. His head also seems wider- maybe a little too wide. His arms and legs are the right size again, and he's drawn very proportionally. Shading is also done well when needed.

"Even" animation
Season Thirteen
The 'odd' animation is now much better in most episodes. Bart's head is now more or less the right size, although still a bit too tall, and his overbite is a good size although in "The Latest Gun in the West" and "I am Furious Yellow" Bart looks a little off model at times.The 'even' animation style is very similar to season 12 and still done very well in most cases.
Season Fourteen
In the 'odd' style of animation, the colours are brighter than last season. Bart is drawn much better and the different animation styles are now less obvious. His head is still tall but better than before. His eyes, nose and ear are the right size, as is the rest of his body. The 'even' style of animation in this season is my favourite style in the entire series. Bart is drawn flawlessly in all scenes. His head is no longer too wide and everything is drawn proportionally.
Season Fifteen
The entire animation in this season has been darkened too much for my liking. In the 'odd' style of animation in this season, Bart seems to be slightly more off model again, but different to previous seasons. His eyes are now a little too big, and his head thinner and taller than before. The 'even' style of animation is very similar so Season 14, but the colours are darker.
Season Sixteen

In the "Odd" style of animation, the top of Bart's head is a little too wide and his eyes are big. He's also a little too rounded, and is coloured distinctly differently (slightly green-yellow). It's an improvement over last season though. In the "Even" style animation Bart's very much like he was in season 14, especially towards the end of the season. He looks fine and brilliantly drawn in most even episodes, with the right colour scheme giving him (and the other Simpsons) a more orange-yellow hue.

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