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Bart is known for his cool catchphrases - one of which inspired the site's domain name! - but when did he say them? Here's a list of when he did!

"Aye Carumba!"
Call of the Simpsons:
When Flanders is showing the family the many features of his RV such as a crystal chandelier and giant screen TV.
Krusty Gets Busted: When Bart sees Selma sunbathing in her bra (shudder!)- it's on one of Patty and Selma's slides.
Life on the Fast Lane: When Marge gives Bart and Lisa her special lunches, with extra treats.
Flaming Moe's: After seeing another of Patty and Selma's slides - this time of Patty's hairy legs.
Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th commandment: When watching "Top hat entertainment" - an adult channel.
Saturdays of thunder: When seeing Martin's soapbox car.
Homer Alone: When showing Lisa one of Patty and Selma's bras in their appartment. "I've said it once and I'll say it again: Aye Carumba!"
Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk: After seeing Marge's new hairdo Lisa made.
Black Widower: When he realises Sideshow Bob was plotting to kill him.
Krusty Gets Kancelled: After seeing Gabbo for the first time. Bart: "That cute little character could take America by storm. All he needs is a hook." Gabbo: "I'm a bad widdle boy." Bart: "Aye carumba!"
Lisa's First Word: Bart's first word as a baby when he enters Homer and Marge's bedroom "at the wrong time".
The Boy Who Knew Too Much: After he sees Skinner coming after him along the street.
Bart Gets Famous: After Homer breaks a lamp.
Homer Loves Flanders: After Lisa reassures Bart that everything will be OK when Homer goes on a trip with the family with Flanders.
Bart the Lover: When Bart sees Mrs Krabappel's first photo, and again when Bart reads "Woodrow"'s letter from Mrs Krabappel, and it suggests returning to her apartment for some "Home cookin'"
Lemon of Troy: Bart, in his fantasy, after getting resurrected in the future
Special Edna
Margical History Tour: In the library, after the librarian says that the library has become a place for bums, and Homer is asleep with them
Marge's Son Poisoning: When Lisa points out a poster is still on Bart's treehouse wall of Bart and Marge riding a bike
See Homer Run: When Bart sees Lisa's Shrek T-shirt she bought Homer for Father's Day
(There have been a few more in season 15 and 16, so I'll rewatch and note these down!)

"Get bent!"
Dead Putting Society: To Todd Flanders, before challenging him in the putting tournament.
Like Father, Like Clown: Bart writes it in his angry letter to Krusty because Krusty didn't turn up like he promised.
Bart The Muderer: Bart says this to Fat Tony and co - but he'd better be careful- they had guns!
Lisa the Greek: When in his underwear in a fitting room, he writes it on some card and shows it to a security camera.
Bart's friend falls in love: When Milhouse asks if he and Samantha can still meet at the treehouse
Lisa's First Word: He says to Maggie "Can you say Get Bent?"
Saddlesore Galactica: He says it to the rich couple when riding Duncan (the horse).

"Eat My Shorts!"
Bart the Genius: He says it to Martin after Martin tells Skinner that he sprayed graffiti on the school wall.
Bart the Murderer: He says it to Fat Tony.
Lisa's Substitute: Bart to Martin: Eat my shorts!
Treehouse of Horror: Bart's addition to Lisa's story. Quoth the Raven: Eat My shorts!
Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk: In one of his fantasies, he's skywriting "EAT MY SHORTS".
Lemon of Troy: Bart and Homer shout it out the window to Shelby and his dad, while reclaiming the stolen lemon tree. Ned Flanders adds "Yes, eat all of our shirts!"
Simpsoncalifragilisticexpialad'oh-cious: He says it as part of the song.
Lisa's Sax: In a flashback, aged just 5, he says it to Principal Skinner.
Faith Off: As his new position as a healer, he says "Satan, eat my shorts!"
The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and her Homer: As a farewell to the kids as they're getting off the bus he drove

"Don't Have A Cow!"
There's No Disgrace Like Home: When the family "commences shovelling" of their dinner, after Homer never wanted them to.
Call of the Simpsons: When Homer worries that Bart has drowned, Bart says it to him from across the lake.
Bart the Murderer: He says this to Fat Tony, too
The Itchy and scratchy and poochie show: When Lisa complains that 'you can't be cool by saying a bunch of buzzwords'

Bart's Dog Gets an F: After when Lisa finds out Bart has given her his homework.
Homer at the Bat: When Ralph keeps choosing better players than him for his baseball team
The Front: When he realises he lost to Lisa in rock, paper, scissors. Bart: Rock! Lisa: Paper! Bart: D'oh!
Homer Loves Flanders: When he tells Homer's father, his father and his father was a loser, and reliases what may happen to him.
Bart of Darkness: When saving Lisa from Flanders, after getting his leg, already jammed in a trash can, stuck in a coiled hose
Lisa's Rival: When his prank call to Skinner backfires, and he actually saves Skinner's food from going off in the fridge
Itchy and Scratchy Land: (with the rest of the family in the car), realising there's a huge traffic jam.
The Day the Violence Died: After watching Chester Lampwick's film burn up - the evidence he needed to prove Chester created Itchy and Scratchy.
Raging Abe Simpson and his grumbling grandson in "The Curse of the flying Hellfish": (Bart and Grampa both say d'oh) When Bart and Grampa realise the location of the treasure isn't on land, but in a lake.
The Canine Mutiny: When Bart finds out he's trapped and there's no escape from the closet
A Tale Of Two Springfields: When Homer hands the guard the Chloroform, instead of using it on them

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